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P6 Original Review

P6 has been around for a few years, but the formula has changed here and there. You’ll get a full month’s supply (thank god!) and that seems to be more and more rare, especially with the big brands that spend millions of dollars each month promoting their products (yes, P6 falls into that category, but we like it). A fantastic formula, a month’s supply, but holy cow, $100 per bottle is steep.

  • Price: $99.99
  • Price/Serving: $3.34
  • Guarantee: Yes
Overall Rating 79%
Effectiveness 82%
Speed of Results 70%
Ingredient Quality 90%
Long-Term Results 86%
What We Like About P6
  • Contains KSM-66!
  • Full month’s supply
  • Boosts sexual performance and helps in the gym
What We Don't Like About P6
  • One of the most expensive products in existence
  • Label is proprietary only, meaning we have no idea how much of each ingredient is in it
  • No money-back guarantee 🙁

What Are The Ingredients Found In P6?

P6 is one of the few products out there that contains KSM-66, which we absolutely love. It has multiple studies behind it and it’s a proven ingredient. 

According to the label, there’s about 1 gram of total ingredient amounts in each serving. For KSM-66 to be effective and used at an effective dose, 600mg needs to be used. That means that only 400mg (roughly) is available for the remainder of ingredients found in P6. And there appears to be 6 more ingredients. We’ll leave the conclusions to anyone reading because we can’t say that they’re lacking in anything in particular because we just don’t know what’s in it.

P6 Side Effects: PRO's
  • Increase in testosterone
  • Increase in strength levels & solid gains
  • Boost sex drive
P6 Side Effects: CON's
  • Contains milk for all of you lactose-intolerant fellas

Conclusion on P6:

Solid product. Solid formula (as far as we can tell since it’s proprietary). Our only hangup about it is that it’s one of the most expensive test boosters in the world and it doesn’t come with any sort of money-back guarantee. If you’re a fan of Cellucor, then we say give it a try, if you’ve got the $$$.


To Read More About P6 & To See Current Pricing, Click Here:

Cellucor P6

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